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About Our Bakery

We are more than a bakery, we're a family that shows our love through our delicious treats. We look forward to sharing our treats with everyone who walks through our door and we work as hard as we can to help you walk out with a smile.​

When you join us at Eclair French Pastry, you become more than a customer, you become a part of our family.


Our Products

We are the premier location for eclairs in the Salt Lake valley. Our eclairs and pastries are handmade from authentic French recipes from an 18th Century cookbook and we add our modern flare by adding new and delicious flavors. 

We not only specialize in intoxicatingly tasty eclairs, but also pride ourselves in making beautiful tarts, cookies, and other pastry confections. Each creation is hand-made with as many locally sourced products as we can. 

Want to know more? Try out one of our many classes and events where you get to become a full-fledged member of the Eclair family. 

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